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Alex helps world renown coaches and speakers to grow their businesses, and he has personally sold over $ 5.2 million in coaching packages one-on-one. When Alex started his own coaching practice, he grossed nearly 200k in five months working 10 hours per week. At one of his most recent events he generated $280,000 in sales with only 9 attendees.

His clients often report that after working with Alex, not only are they effortlessly enrolling premium clients and making more money, they have also better people themselves.

And he’s accomplished all of this with a lifelong stutter.

Connecting Personally

Alex lives in San Diego, he loves to travel, personal development, and being in nature.

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The Beginning

He's been coaching for 9 years and owned his current business for 2.5 years.

He's been interested in personal development for most of his life. He got started in business in online marketing. His mentor Ted McGrath helped him get into coaching. Eventually, he went to work for Ted. He worked there for 4 years and then transitioned into his own solo business, teaching people how to enroll clients.

It's OK to offer free coaching or discount coaching to help boost your confidence but most people don't need to go this route. If you already have lots of experience in corporate (etc.) it's unnecessary.

A Dissapointment

When he first started his business he had been selling 6-figure coaching packages previously, but in his own business he lacked self-confidence. He started out offering low priced coaching. he was deep in debt and even had to go to his family for a loan.


Building a network has been his #1 asset. When he started tapping into his network for connections and referrals his business picked up.

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Alex is launching a couple of online marketing systems. He is exploring online marketing and advertising to reach a broader audience.

Revenue Sources

Mastermind, One-on-one coaching, 2 speaking engagements each year.

He uses the Client Descending model. He focuses on who he can impact the most and provides them with very personalized, high-end coaching. These people don't want a $7 PDF or a video course. 10-20% of everyone's market wants a high end service, focus on these people.

He suggests one high end product/service, one mid-range, and one lower priced but use these last two only as a down-sell from the one-on-one coaching. (More details on the interview.)

Favorite Way to Get New Clients

For a new coach he suggests using your warm network. Leverage all the assets you have. get clear on your message.Invest in getting comfortable talking about your message.

Advice for New Coaches

Don't wait for things to be perfect. Go after things faster.

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Rapid Fire Final Five

Quality- Having vision.

Habit or Skill- Develop confidence in your truth.


Online Resource- Voxer

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