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Athina Bailey is an online international business and mindset coach for spiritual entrepreneurs She's also a speaker and author. She originally set up an alternative therapy school and realized her passion lies in helping other spiritual practitioners and coaches grow their businesses. She studied many modalities including hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, kinesiology, Reiki and more. She currently teaches Reiki and energy healing all around Australia and speaks regularly at events for practitioners, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Connecting Personally

She loves to travel, got into coaching for the independence, loves road trips around Australia. She is also into reading and writing and being creative.

Athina Bailey interview unstoppable coach

The Beginning

Coaching came about naturally as people began to seek assistance from her. She works with service-based practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Low Point

About a month before her business really took off. She was having money issues and started to reconsider her decision and actually began to look for a part-time job. She had to remind herself why she started the business in the first place. It took a lot of faith but about a month later her business totally transformed.


It was a culmination of all the small action steps along with being very intentional about being visible. She started with a website and SEO, she quickly began a daily practice of FB Lives and YouTube videos. 

The Future

Creating more online courses, membership portals, using technology to share more.

Athina Bailey interview unstoppable coach


One-on-one coaching, online courses, masterclasses in person.

New Client Attraction

Most of her clients come through Facebook, through her group and in other groups. She also runs MeetUp groups and free meditations. She often collaborates with other spiritual entrepreneurs that offer complimentary services.

Her new favorite way is to create a series of video training and post those in her groups.

Best Advice

Get clear on your message, branding, and ideal client. They are the foundation to build everything else on top of. Create a website first, it will allow you to position yourself and share content and be found online. Niche down, with so many coaches online specializing is key.

Athina Bailey interview unstoppable coach

Final Five

Habit or Skill - Listening to podcasts and audio books.

Quality - Learning how to speak in front of a crowd and how to sell from the stage.


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Her FB Group- HighVibeAndSpiritualEntrepreneurs or connect on FB as Athina Bailey The Spiritual Coach

Full Transcript

Millette- Today we’re joined by Athina Bailey. Athina is an online international business and mindset coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. She's also a speaker and author. She originally set up an alternative therapy school and realized her passion lies in helping other spiritual practitioners and coaches grow their businesses. She studied many modalities including hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, kinesiology, Reiki and more. She currently teaches Reiki and energy healing all around Australia and speaks regularly at events for practitioners, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Athina thanks so much for joining us today.

Athina- Thank you for having me.

Millette- Before we jump into more about your business I would love it if you would tell us just a little bit about you, maybe some of the things you like to do when you're not busy working.

Athina- Absolutely. When I'm not working I'm very passionate about traveling and I mean becoming a coach that was such a huge part of why I wanted to get into this industry was so that I could travel. I'm currently in Byron Bay on holiday on a sort of holiday. I'm a huge fan of road trips and especially since I'm based in Australia we have that option of actually traveling around. That's something that I'm extremely passionate about and enjoy, traveling around. And I'm also a huge fan of reading and writing as well, that's one thing I do for many hours in my own spare time.

Millette- Now you mentioned that you get into coaching because it gave you some freedom and flexibility to get out and travel, so how long have you been coaching?

Athina- It'll be about two years now.

Millette- Let's talk a little bit about your background what led you to get into coaching? What were you doing before? And besides the flexible lifestyle what else got you interested in coaching as a profession?

Athina- Absolutely. So for me the coaching was, it was the ability to give a sense of empowerment to others. And becoming a coach it wasn't something that I had originally intended it just happened very, very naturally. I got to a place where others began to seek mentoring and assistance and I did go on and study NLP coaching and I do integrate that into part of my work but the sort of coaching that I do now it transpired very naturally. As I began to work with people more and more people were seeking for assistance on how to grow their own spiritual business, how to start working online, and how to master their mindset when they're working with other people. And it just happened naturally. So I transformed from working as a practitioner to one on one.

Millette- So most of the people that you work with are they other coaches? Are they healers? What sort of person do you generally look at as your ideal client?

Athina- So service-based definitely but I work with a wide variety of entrepreneurs. So I've seen practitioners, coaches, healers and yoga teachers, anyone that is any sort of service based.

Millette- Everybody knows that starting a business can have a lot of ups and downs and one thing that people tend to be able to really learn a lot from is other people's low points. And what they did to pull themselves up out of that. So can you talk to us about a disappointment you experienced when you were getting your coaching business going or even just a low point that you had.

Athina- Absolutely, I have to say my lowest point was probably right before my business really took off. It was about a month before it really took off and it was just in that stage where money wasn’t really flowing in. I was thinking did I make the right choice going into this work? I started looking for another side job. And you just get into that kind of funk where you're like I don't know if I made the right choice and the money just wasn't flowing in and what really helped me was just reminding myself why I started this in the first place. And connecting into my purpose and what I believe that I was put here to do and as I connected back into that it helped me just go- right, I'm supposed to be doing this for a reason. I want to help people. This is work that I'm supposed to do. And it did take a lot of faith for me but it was after that low point, I think it was about a month after, that's when my business totally transformed. And it was interesting looking back because it was just a month before that that I was, you know, going around looking for a part time jobs to support myself because I was so worried about the finance aspect. I think it's something that a lot of coaches go through that there's always just this fear before their business really grows into a successful and inspiring business. Those little low points get us worried about finance and when that happens for me I just take a step back and remind myself why I started in the first place, what it means to me. And how important I believe what I do is and that purpose, that really deep core purpose that I have and that's kept me going when it gets hard.

Millette- Yeah I think that's really interesting because I do see a bit of a trend with a percentage of the people that I talk to that it's almost like right before things take off is when they really think about, maybe not necessarily think about quitting, but definitely really look at it like- did I make the right decision? And I think that's really interesting that you put in all of this consistent action and right before things start to take off is when we really start to question ourselves and ask ourselves, am I doing the right thing? So can you pinpoint anything in particular that you did that generated that momentum or do you think it was just a culmination of all the actions, all the little actions that you had taken up until that point?

Athina- It was definitely a culmination but I think at that point I was really getting a lot more visible. So it's really taking advantage of a lot of Facebook groups, marketing techniques, and it was taking some time to create that trust and that visibility out there and that consistency. And I think it came to a point where that month leading up to it that was quite hard but I believe that was the culmination but I'd say if anything it was the visibility, it was just getting out there in person, consistently being out there.

Millette- Right, let's talk about that a little bit because I know that a lot of people that I talk to point to visibility, being visible, as something that really made a difference. And then conversely people also pointing out that if you get too focused on the details, like if you focus too much on your website or choosing the right photo or tweaking your blog posts that almost in a sense that those are things that don't make you visible. If you focus too much on that and not enough on getting out there that can sort of stifle the growth. So what were some of the things that you were doing to increase those chances of people seeing you and connecting with you?

Athina- Well the first clients I ever got, they were all through my website. So when I first became a coach I set up a website, I created my services, and I just really started working with SEO and putting my website out there. And it was through that that I started to get some clients. But the consistent clients, that flow really started when I was going on Facebook Lives every day, posting You Tube videos every day, blog posts every day. And I was constantly out there and sharing and giving value and that connection and being visible has been extremely powerful for my business. I even received a message I think about a month ago from a girl who was saying she saw one of my posts here and then she saw one of my posts somewhere else and then she had a dream about me so she knew she had to book in with me. And that's just our visibility and allowing people to connect with you and when we’re sharing who we are and what we do people connect with us. And if they resonate with us that's when they'll work with us as well. I mean if they don't know who we are then they can't find us either. I work with a lot of aspiring coaches and practitioners and visibility is something they really struggle with. Because they haven't fully gotten out of the coaching closet I guess and found that empowerment. But the visibility was extremely transformative to my business and now it's just every single day consistently, post a live video will get out there connect with people post photos of myself whatever it takes just to connect with my audience and my community in any way that I can.

Millette- And when you do these things, when you have this sort of a daily practice, you're putting things out there, do you find you really just focus on just putting out whatever feels good to you? I mean I guess the way that I look at it is I've had several people talk about you know I was doing a lot of stuff but it just didn't feel right and do you tend to focus on the things that really resonate with you or do you try to just be everywhere so to speak?

Athina- Facebook Lives are something that I do every single day right and they've been really great for my business. My ideal clients are ones that I want to attract more of as well and I really like what it is that they're wanting to work on, what it is that they're struggling with, and a lot of these kinds of things. Being able to ask them what it is that they're struggling with, what it is that they'd like to work on and then I'll go ahead and do a live video about that or a blog post. Because that'll help me connect to more people like that who are experiencing the same thing. And another way that I choose that kind of material that I'll post about is I'll think about where I was, what I was struggling with when I was starting my coaching practice, the things that I was experiencing, the worries I had and reflecting on that and sharing that and how I overcame. So that's probably the angle and the perspective I take when I'm connecting to people but it's definitely with the intention to connect with the clients that I work with at the moment.

Millette- So you mentioned specifically doing Facebook Lives and then you also mentioned YouTube. Are you more drawn to video or do you tend to like to do a lot of things because actually you also mentioned that you really like to write as well.

Athina- So I love Live videos because they're very easy to do, they're quick and also it allows you to share a lot of information and the Facebook algorithm shows you to a lot of people and just having that Live interaction where people can ask you any coaching questions and you’re able to answer them there on the spot, it creates a huge instant connection. So that's definitely my preferred way. I do love writing and sometimes I'll write about topics but generally if I don't I’ll take the Facebook Live and transcribe it into a blog post and then post it up on my website as well.

Millette- So I like that idea of focusing on the things that you really love, that you're really drawn to but then also being able to use that content in other places so you're not just turning yourself into the content creation machine. As far as getting that momentum in your business I would guess that you probably feel like you're sort of still riding that wave so to speak being that you've just been in business for a couple of years. Where do you see your business going in the future? What's in the works for you? Do you tend to work with people just individually or are you doing courses what’s your business look like?

Athina- So I'm working one on one with people and I have a program set up for one on one but I also love the one-to-many model, love teaching and I like to do those around specific subjects. So online courses like Heart-Centered Selling or Social Media Masterclasses those kind of things in person and online as well. So a combination of online offline strategy but those one-to-many those can be far more affordable as well than the one-to-one option. I don't know if I'd ever get rid of working one-on-one because it's so satisfying and incredible to be able to work with people in that way. But I definitely would like to create more courses and even online courses, membership portals, using technology to really share and deliver content in an easy and accessible way.

Millette- Let's talk a little bit more about a couple of the things that you said one of them was Heart Centered Selling. Now I know that a lot of times people really look at the spiritual entrepreneurs' as not really good salespeople and I've had a few people on that say that that's something that they initially struggled with. So do you find that that is something folks need in particular, that those folks really get into that mindset of giving and providing and then maybe they don't look at themselves quite in the light of a salesperson?

Athina- One thing that really shocks me with working with practitioners and coaches in this industry is how much they undervalue themselves. Just shocks me when people don't realize how life changing and transformational they are and they undervalued themselves and they don't actually ever ask for the sale. They sort of just put it out there and hope that there will be a sale but they never actually go ahead and ask for it. So working with actual selling and in a way that's comfortable for the person is something that I like to do with my clients when I'm teaching them how to do coaching calls is to write down what it is that their services will allow their client to do, how it will impact their life, impact their family, how will change who they are, how much it will give them, and get them into the state where they're really excited, buzzing and they want to share what they are with their client. Then they understand how valuable this is. And when it comes from that place of excitement and wanting to share they almost forget that it's selling. Because often times spirituality and selling it can be a bit hard to bring them together in a very comfortable way. But this Heart Centered Selling when we really remind people how powerful the work can be and how valuable it can be and come from that space that we want to share then it can be a lot easier to actually ask for the sale because we want to be able to help that person.

Millette- So turning it around so that it doesn't feel as much like selling but it almost feels more like problem solving.

Athina- Absolutely absolutely. And healing and for them to actually invest in themselves to create that transformation.

Millette- So what would be a tip for someone as far as- should they put their pricing up on their website? How do you feel about that? Do you think that people should say what their pricing is or should they wait to be able to have that time to talk to someone, form a relationship and explain the benefits.

Athina- I think it can be quite individual. For me personally I'm very comfortable putting my prices on my website and letting people know straight away how much it is and what to expect. But I've also seen many coaches who don't do that, who prefer to actually connect and I guess that way when they have people come through they actually have the opportunity to connect with them first and have that discussion before they share the price. I see a benefit to both but I'm quite happy to just put my price out there and share that first.

Millette- Let's talk a little bit about social media. You had mentioned that that was also something that you focused on in your courses, in the way that you help people. So let's talk a little bit about how you feel that coaches and practitioners can really use social media as a platform to build their authority, to let people know what they have to offer and doing it in a way that lets people in but maybe doesn't turn people off.

Athina- Social media is such an incredibly powerful tool and when I first started working as a coach most of my clients came through my website and now about ninety percent will actually come through Facebook because I've created groups and communities where I'm constantly connecting with people, sharing value, and sharing content. The thing about Facebook especially is you can create an audience, a community, that is unique and a community of your ideal clients where you can serve them, give them value and they can connect with you and very often they'll just truly fall in love with you and what you have to offer. I've worked with coaches before who only use social media as their way of getting clients. They post in various groups, share their message, share their offerings and build up their client base through Facebook groups which is another way for the business to grow. And for growing your coaching business I do recommend using the groups as opposed to any Facebook business pages. Because it's in the groups we can find people who are specifically our ideal clients that we want to work with, that we want to serve. And connecting with them, being there, being visible, and giving lots of value- people respond really, really well to value. A technique that I use quite often is I'll do live trainings for free, usually about two a month. I just pick a subject so at the moment I'm doing one on abundance and it's all about selling, making money, creating that cash flow as a coach and a practitioner. And so every month I'll pick a subject or topic that I know that coaches struggle with and I'll do a live training and I usually get quite a few clients out of those trainings. It's a way for me to connect with that community that I have on Facebook and to give them some value as well for them to connect and build that trust with me. Facebook is incredibly powerful because we have those touch points and ability to create a community with our soulmate clients.

Millette- So do you have your own Facebook group or do you participate in groups that are already established, other people's groups?

Athina- Both, so I have my own one that I do post all my trainings in and offer valuable content in but I also go ahead and connect in already established groups that have twenty thousand members in them because that's twenty thousand potential clients. And when you're sharing with them, sharing that value, showing up, connecting with them and with social media especially Facebook it's all about giving value and sharing and people connect in that way because of the platform. It's very transparent, people don't like to be sold to over Facebook but when you're showing up and giving them value people just naturally connect in that way and then they'll want to leave have a look at your profile and then eventually end up on your website.

Millette- So what is the best way for coaches to be in a Facebook group doesn't allow any promotion or maybe they only allow promotion on a particular day so what's the best way to make the most of probably a limited amount of time because we can't spend all day on Facebook. What's the best way to really put our best foot forward in these groups and make ourselves as visible as possible?

Athina- So what I do is I choose three groups that I really resonate with and that are filled with my ideal clients. And look at the way the group is structured as well so definitely look for the ones that do allow a promotion. There are quite a few groups that do allow promotion so you can find those with your ideal clients. And my strategy is I’ll have those three groups and I'll post about two different posts in there each day and I'll have it scheduled so I might use Buffer or any kind of content scheduling or outsource it to someone who’s able to help me actually post in the groups but I'll spend an hour creating different posts that I'll use for the week, personal posts that allow people to connect and link to my training or other value and I'll just share on those groups a couple of times a day. I pick those three groups and I'm visible there, I stop in there constantly, I might even comment. And in a lot of those groups I support people, I will answer questions so I'll go in and position myself as the expert and help answer some of the questions that people are asking and needing help with. I’m creating that visibility and adding value so if you pick three groups that you resonate with, show up there daily and give value, answer questions that people might have, share trainings, anything at all to show people the work you do and give them value. That's how they'll connect with you because they won’t respond if you're directly selling to them, it has to be through that giving value.

Millette- Do you use the Facebook groups for list building? You mention you are giving away trainings giving away certain other things is that something that you like to just give away? Or is this something where it's like, yeah join my list and I've got this really great thing that I'll send to you?

Athina- Absolutely absolutely. So whenever I'm giving away something I set up a lead page. So they enter their email and it'll automatically send it to them so that way I'm building up my list and to link them back, once they've filled out their email, I link back to my personal FB group as well. And then they'll have the option to join that as well.

Millette- It sort of makes it easier for people because they've seen you daily, they know that you're commenting and providing value and that you're there if they have a question. So there's really no barrier there when you do offer something that requires an e-mail it doesn't end up putting up any red flags because you're already proving yourself as someone who's willing to give.

Athina- That's why when you pick those three communities you become known in those communities and people are familiar with you and they can build that sense of trust. They're used to seeing you then often in these communities people post- does anybody know this kind of coach? I'm looking for this sort of coach. People will keep you in mind if that's what you're showing in there. Remember they will associate you with that.

Millette- So you mentioned that when you are in the groups that you feel like a lot of times people will go back and look at your profile and then sometimes connect on with your group or your page. Do you suggest that people do anything in particular to their profile to make it a little more business oriented or do you like to just keep your profile personal and figure that that's a great way for people to get to know you a little better if they do come and browse?

Athina- So my personal profile is very public. Everything I have on there anyone can look at because most of my clients they do come through Facebook so everything out there is public. I want people to connect with me to feel very comfortable with me because you know they don't know me. I'm halfway across the world creating that content, creating that connection. And to look through and see what I do, and in the little blurb that we can have on Facebook I just write what it is that I do and then I have the links back to my Facebook business page and my website as well. And I do know coaches that purely work through Facebook, it's just important to have some sort of digital hub where potential clients can go to find information about who you are. Your story, that's a big one to be able to connect with you too and have the option to actually book in and have a look at what you do have to offer, how they can work with you further.

Millette- So do you tend to stick mostly with Facebook or are you on any other social platforms as well?

Athina- I do use Instagram but it's not something I receive much business from. I use MeetUp, it is something that I use for business quite a bit, creating networking events or meditation groups for example to connect with like-minded people. And that's been great for business as well. But otherwise Facebook is something that I primarily use because the groups are so valuable. There are people in these groups who are six figure, seven figure business owners purely from Facebook and creating their coaching practice from Facebook and it really is such a goldmine when you can figure out how to use it and tap into that market.

Millette- With the things you do with the speaking, meetings, and events how do you use those to build your business?

Athina- I run maybe once a month, I run networking events for spiritual entrepreneurs and this gives me the option to not only meet and connect with like-minded people but also collaboration's. I usually have another speaker with me and they're also sharing their insights and value. Networking meetings allow me to actually get up and I always present and talk about something to position myself as an expert in front of my audience and share what I have. And that's another way that I do get clients. So I run those networking events and then I also run free meditations like that for spiritual entrepreneurs and it's just a way for my potential clients to connect with me, get to know me, get familiar with who I am. One thing that has been really effective for my business has been the combination of online and offline strategy and a lot of times the offline strategy is all about building trust and positioning myself as an expert creating that trust. And then when they go online they can see all the value of the work that I have done and they can spend hours digesting my videos, my writing, my blog, whatever else and it's combination of online offline strategy that has been really, really effective in my business.

Millette- I'd like to talk a little bit more on that. A lot of people,when they're just getting started, they have this idea of I've been through a program that has taught me to coach. Maybe I have an idea of who my ideal client is and I feel like the there are some people that I can help. But some coaches may be a little bit nervous about getting out and speaking or hosting a networking event or giving presentations like that. How did you get started with that sort of thing? And what would be some suggestions for people who maybe have never done it and might have a little bit of fear around starting.

Athina- So I believe that if there's any uncomfortable-ness it's a good sign. It means you're doing something exciting, something new and something that has so much potential, so it's a really great sign. What I would recommend is to start with Facebook Lives because they’re the easiest one for people to do, the first Live can be quite hard but you just get used to it. Once you get used to it it's actually really fun to just get out there, connect with people. I was terrified the first live training I did, I was shaking the whole time because it was just so intense being out there and being so vulnerable. But when we're putting ourselves in those situations it's a good sign it means where doing something that's going to create change and bring what we want. And I guess I would recommend starting with Facebook Lives. Maybe doing just a couple of small ones and then slowly working with them more and more. It's you sharing, giving that value. And then Live events may not be for you, it might be through already prerecorded material that you upload onto You Tube if that's more comfortable. But just finding what sits right and feels right and is most enjoyable because it should be fun, it should be what you're passionate about, and it should be fun. So finding what feels right as well.

Millette- Right, you mentioned something earlier when you were talking about the events that you put together you said normally you also had another speaker there. So do you find collaborating with people is a great way to get new people to see you?

Athina- Absolutely, collaboration is amazing, it’s so valuable. How I like to use my collaborations is to search for someone who has the same target market as me, is a spiritual entrepreneur, but has a different service to offer. They’re audience can match with mine and so I'll invite them to speak at my own event with the intention that they'll have a lot of value to actually provide and give my community. These collaborations can be really, really powerful. When I do online courses I might have them guest and provide that value. For example tomorrow I'm guest speaking on a coaching program and that's promoting me in front of an audience of a few hundred as well as allowing me to give value and share but also promoting me to this new audience. So collaborations are just amazing for both sides. They’re win win for everybody. And often in being an entrepreneur, especially in this industry, often we can feel quite alone in the work we do so when we collaborate with someone and put our heads together and create something together it can be a lot of fun. Collaboration is really beautiful and it's a lot of fun.

Millette- I'd like to dig in a little bit and talk about the business aspect of collaboration. So you mentioned that if you know someone has an online program that it’s a good idea to bring in other people who can teach one particular element. What’s the back story on that? How do you structure something like that so that you know it's beneficial for both people? Do people normally get paid or do they normally just have an affiliate relationship or they'll split income or get a percentage? How have you found that to be set up normally?

Athina- They won't get paid, as part of the coaching programs it's generally because they know that they have the opportunity to pitch to someone else’s audience. I've had speakers at the end they'll briefly for a minute or so maybe upsell a program or something else that they have to offer and they will get people signed up on the spot. So they know how valuable it is, so they're happy to just show up and share in front of that market and connect with them. So generally from what I’ve experienced and working with other coaches it's not something that you get paid for, it's part of your marketing.

Millette- So more of a visibility thing and then like you said if it's an online program that's something that would always be there. So people would always have the opportunity to find you from something that you've contributed to.

Athina- Absolutely, absolutely. And that also allows us to be positioned as an expert so you know often I see it with coaches who have a bit of a legal background. That's really common, I've seen it in a lot of coaching programs they’ll bring in a lawyer who works specifically with coaches and they let them know that they are an expert in this field, provide value and then that coach will go and hire that lawyer as well to work with them. So it's just a really great way for people to get introduced to other coaches in complimentary niches.

Millette- And then that coach not only can look like the authority but they also have a piece of content that's out there, that's always out there. And they can continuously have new people finding out about them because the person that they contributed to or they collaborated with is always going to be promoting that.

Athina- Absolutely, it’s a win win for everyone, definitely.

Millette- Now we've talked about a lot of different things a little bit about YouTube, Facebook Lives, Facebook groups, what would you say is your favorite strategy these days for bringing brand new people into your business?

Athina- That's a very good question I think my favorite strategy has always been via my website, actually making sure that it's ranking and being found easily. But my new favorite strategy has been the free training that I've been doing. So for example I line up five days or three days of free trainings on a certain topic. So the last one I did was the Successful Spiritual Boss trainings and it was just all about how to create a spiritual business as a service based entrepreneur. It was all the formulas you know the mindset of it as well as the systems that are needed and through providing that value and creating these videos I got quite a few new clients from that. And so what I did is I created an opt in page and I posted in various FB groups that I was doing this training. I shared how I would be sharing how I got to where I am in these trainings and they would have the option to ask me any questions that they had. If they were interested they would opt in and then they'd join my FB group where I would hold the training and I would send them information to their emails that we were starting and then for the next however many days I was running it I would go live. I would do the training there would be a Q and A portion. And then after those few days had ended I would send the replays by e-mail as well and usually what I do then is I'll give it about a couple weeks then I'll take the videos down from my Facebook group and I put them on my website as an opt in or freebie as well that people can then get as well through the website. So that's definitely been my favorite strategy for getting clients now. So give value. And that's been resulting in clients for me from social media.

Millette- So basically what you do is you promote on Facebook, you hold the training within your group that people would join to have access to, you do your training, you leave it there for a little while, then you move it to your website, so then it's housed there as also like an upgrade or something that people could opt in for. So you can continue to have it behind some sort of a paywall if even if it's just an email address.

Athina- Absolutely yes.

Millette- So that's a really great funnel to bring people in and then shift them over to the website or shifting them on to your e-mail list by providing a lot of value with a multiple day training, that's a lot to give, I think it's a great idea.

Athina- And there are so many subjects that we can cover. It's really easy to do these once a month and it builds your community, it builds your group community and it creates these content videos that you then have and can share or sell. I know coaches who do it and then they'll actually sell them for twenty seven dollars or something like that on their website and make that passive income from them as well.

Millette- So about how long are your trainings each day? Do you try to keep them short and just packed with information or are they more of a time investment?

Athina- They're usually between twenty five minutes and forty five minutes so they are quite long and we do cover quite a bit and how long it goes really depends on the Q and A. So sometimes there are quite a lot of questions and others will be a little bit more quiet so it really depends on how many questions I'm getting. But I like it to be quite an intensive training because people get quite a bit of value from it.

Millette- Knowing what you know now about building up a successful business what would you say is one piece of advice that you would give to brand new coaches either what should they do first or is there something if you had it to do over again that you wish you had done first?

Athina- That’s a very good question. I think that if I had to do it again I would definitely get a lot clearer up on my message, my branding my ideal clients. Those kind of fundamental aspects it's like they're the pillars, the foundation and you create everything on top of it. Now all the marketing that I do is a reflection of my brand, my message, my soul, my clients and so it's so much easier to attract them. But when I was first starting out I was kind of all over. I wasn't so sure and established in who I was, what I was selling and who I was serving. And because of that my marketing wasn’t intentional I wasn’t connecting with the right people so it was a lot slower. So if I were to go back I would definitely just get so much clearer on who I was serving, my marketing mantra, my marketing tagline and get very, very clear on who I was and what I was doing. For coaches I would advise that if they're just starting out that I would recommend if they haven't created a website yet create one. For me it was what really just started my business going. Once I finished getting those coaching qualifications I was like OK what do I do now? Who am I? How can I share myself and position myself in a way that I could share with other people and begin to share content and get myself found online? And I still work with coaches now who still don't have websites but for me it was just the most fundamental and important part and how I got my first clients.

Millette- You specifically said you know getting really clear about who it is that you serve helped you. Do you find that being really focused on a very narrow niche is a good idea rather than trying to be really broad?

Athina- It depends where you're marketing if you're marketing anywhere on the internet then niching down will be really, really important because there are so many coaches online. What people really respond to is when they know that you're serving them. So I niched myself as much as possible so I could serve a specific audience that I loved working with. And also that way you know if there's two different business coaches those spiritual practitioners are more likely to work with someone who specializes with them specifically. On the Internet we have such a wide variety of groups, clients, and places to choose from that the more niched down we are the more we can grow and connect. I notice that with a lot of practitioners say they want to serve everybody. And just connect with as many people as possible but it's helpful for us and our clients, our marketing and attracting those clients to decide who we want to serve. Because our marketing is for our niche audience and the way we market, what we do when we post, how we talk is reflective of that nature and it attracts those people to us. But if we're addressing everyone we’re not really addressing anyone specifically and so it can be harder to attract and bring in those clients that we want to be seeing.

Millette- That absolutely makes a ton of sense because when we really try to talk to everybody you know that it's like the saying when you when you try to talk to everybody you're really talking to nobody. It also makes you almost kind of feel crazy at some point because you're trying to reach this person and that person and you're trying to make your message so broad that if you can really get focused on one specific thing that you're trying to teach it just really clears out all the clutter and you can be really intentional about the things that you're creating.

Athina- And I always say that when you’re writing posts to just write it and address it as if you were speaking to one person. So you had your ideal client and you’re talking directly to them. The language you would use, the way you would talk, would connect with them because your ideal client will resonate with that very deeply and want to connect with you.

Millette- That doesn't mean that other people won't be attracted to it as well you're just being very specific about making sure that you're attracting this one type of person. There's a lot of other people that might enjoy it as well and will also come. Athina, this has been really good and for a coach that has been in business for a couple of years you've done a lot, you've tried a lot and you have a lot of really, really good advice about a lot of different things which I think is just amazing. Because a lot of times people can get, you know they use that term shiny object syndrome but there's something to trying something and if it works keep doing that. And then go ahead and learn something else and it sounds like you have gone through and really tried a lot and found a lot of things that you enjoy and that bring you business. So you found a nice way to balance a lot of different things in your business which is great.

Athina- That enjoyment is absolutely the core of it. This work should be work that we love. It brings us great joy and every aspect of it should be should be something that we enjoy.

Millette- I would love it if we could finish up now with the Final Five Rapid Fire questions. What is one habit or skill that's helped you become unstoppable.

Athina- I would say podcasts and audiobooks. Absolutely every single day listening to role models that we want to model and learn from every single day.

Millette- What's one quality that you feel every successful coach needs to spend some time developing?

Athina- I would say learning how to speak in front of a crowd and also sell from stage as well but speaking definitely that's incredibly important.

Millette- Recommend a book that's had a big impact either on your business or in your life.

Athina- Tony Robbins Unlimited Power, absolutely life changing.

Millette- Give us an online resource that you think coaches would love to use in their business and that you couldn't do business without.

Athina- One that I use quite a lot is I go into PodBean to find some good podcasts and actually listen to those.

Millette- Finally how can the listeners best connect with you, what is your web site and tell us what social platforms you're on the most.

Athina- So people can reach out and connect at my website is Athina Bailey dot com and also on Facebook at Athina Bailey The Spiritual Coach and my Facebook group is High Vibe and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Millette- Well I will be sure to get all of those links and all of the recommendations on to the show notes page this has been I really great conversation Athina I want to thank you so much for joining me today.

Athina- Thank you so much for having me.