bethanie nonami interview on unstoppable coach podcast



Bethanie Nonami helps people grow and scale their businesses by giving you access to your data and understanding the why behind your customers, leads and sales. 

Bethanie's insight changes the way you sell.  When you understand why your customers buy, or equally important, don’t buy, the game changes. You are now armed with the secret sauce to help you elevate your brand and your earnings without working double time. She's also an avid reader (and Audible & podcast listener), movie goer, foodie and loves super fast & loud cars. 

Connecting Personally

Got into tech right out of high school, she's always been into technology. Her favorite vintage car is the El Camino.

bethanie nonami interview on unstoppable coach podcast

The Beginning

She got into tech and felt that she has always been drawn to learning and teaching. She is drawn to learning new technology and mastering new ideas. 

Today you compete with a million people that are doing the same thing and you can't just show up with a website. It has to be a good website and it has to be good content.

Key Components to Competing

The average attention span is 3-5 seconds. If someone is looking for a coach or mentor and they get to your website you have 3-5 seconds to make an impression.

The first thing people need to see (anywhere) is: what do you do, who do you serve, and what's in it for them. In no more than two succinct sentences.

88% of people who get a word of mouth referral are checking online to vet the person before they make a purchase.

Getting Feedback from Strangers

Get a stranger to look at your: website, business card, social account for 5 seconds and then take it away. Ask them what do I do, who do I serve and what's in it for you? If they don't have an need to keep working on it.

What you do and who you serve should be your headline and subhead or headline, subhead, and a sentence. And what's in it for them should be your call to action button. That button shouldn't be a newsletter, no one needs another newsletter.

What's the Best Beginners SEO

Being mobile responsive is a big deal these days, you must be mobile responsive. If you aren't, SEO doesn't matter.

What are people trying to solve, what are they trying to fix. Look for more in-depth keywords. Think of the questions people ask. Ask people why they hired you. Their answers are those in-depth keywords. Those are the blog posts you need to write.

Get people to leave you a review. Utilize reviews on your Facebook business page and reviews and testimonials on your website.

bethanie nonami interview on unstoppable coach podcast

When to Try Paid Ads

Once you know your website is getting traffic and you are collecting leads if you are converting at least 3% of your visitors then you can try paid ads.

Facebook is the cheapest way to advertise because of the targeting. If you run an ad and get 500 impressions and no conversions, stop the ad and tweak things.

Best Growth Hacks

Be clear on who you are serving. 

Understand that not everyone who finds you is ready to buy. You need to nurture those that aren't ready to buy. 

Have multiple price points so people can start their customer journey with you. Try to have a couple of lower priced items so people have options beyond your group program and your individual coaching.

Best Advice

Just do it. Move beyond the fear. Go outside your comfort zone. You can't wait until things are perfect.

bethanie nonami interview on unstoppable coach podcast

Final Five

Habit or Skill - Mastery

Quality - Active Listening


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