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Today's guest is Betsy Pake. Betsy is a Reinvention Strategist, Certified NLP Coach, and award-winning business achiever who hosts the popular podcast The Art of Living Big. She's the author of the best-selling book, Become A Nutrition Ninja and just released Start Small Live Big. Having gone through some tough stuff, Betsy knows life can hand you lemons. Her mission to help you reinvent and thrive through change so you can live the 'Big Life' you deserve.

Connecting Personally

Betsy lives near Atlanta, Georgia where she's a competitive weightlifter in her spare time. She's married and has a daughter. She loves to travel and have adventures.

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The Beginning

She started out in corporate sales. About 6 years ago she wanted to make a big shift so she quit her job and opened a CrossFit gym. Although successful, it wasn't her passion so she sold it and got into nutrition coaching. Later she shifted again and began to coach people who wanted to reinvent themselves.

A Big Disappointment

She was in the top 1% of producers in her corporate sales position after she realized she had quit her job only to go into something else she wasn't passionate about she felt defeated.


After she really go t clear on what type of life she wanted and what type of people she wanted to work with was she able to focus on her niche and see some momentum.

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Favorite Achievement

Getting her book published.

What's the Future Hold

Live workshops and eventually retreats.

Where's the Revenue

Books and Audio books.

One-on-one clients.

Group coaching membership.

Speaking engagements.

Finding New Clients

Her FB group, her podcast, her Live FB show and LinkedIn connections.

Do this First

Don't doubt yourself. Do some visioning everyday. Use Chime to help stay mindful of your vision throughout the day.

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Rapid Fire Final Five

Habit- Dance Party Visioning

Quality- Don't take things personally.


Online Resource- BonJoro


She is @BetsyPake on all social platforms.

Connect with her FB group at FB/SSLBcommunity