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Unstoppable Coach by Millette Jones How to Protect Your "Online Genius" with Intellectual Property Attorney Bobby Klinck- 057
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Bobby Klinck is an intellectual property attorney, but he’s not your typical lawyer. Sure, he went to Harvard Law School and worked at some of the most prestigious firms in the country, but if you look at the big whiteboard in his office, you won’t see much about the law. His whiteboard is filled with tasks related to platform building, inbound marketing, and sales-funnels. Bobby is a full-fledged online entrepreneur, whose area of expertise is the law.

Connecting Personally

Bobby is originally from south Texas, he's married with a daughter. He has a couple of dogs and likes to brew his own beer.

He wanted to be an attorney ever since getting involved with public speaking and debate in high school.​

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The Beginning

He started out working for law firms and as a federal prosecutor but felt a lack of ownership in what he was doing. He was exposed to patent law and fell in love. After a slight shift into Intellectual Property he made the move to being an entrepreneur. 

What is Intellectual Property & Why Should Coaches Care?

Intellectual property is patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and right to publicity.

90-95% of your business value is your intellectual property.​

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Spending too much time thinking up a business name and not checking to see if someone else is already using it.

The best time to do a trademark search is when you ​start planning your business. The second best time is now.

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What About Employees?

When hiring employees or VA's have a confidentiality agreement not a non-compete agreement.

Protecting Your Online Courses

If you find someone using your online course content, you have a copyright infringement issue.

Beta Testers Wanted...

Learn all about IP issues and how to solve them with Bobby's upcoming course- Safeguard Your Online Genius. Release date will be Fall of 2017.​

​You can apply NOW to be a Beta Tester of Robert's upcoming course. Beta testing begins in September.

How About Social Media?

Make sure your images and music are not under copyright protection. Be careful when taking someone else's social media post and using it as your own rather than re-posting.

Collaboration Anyone?

Always have an agreement in writing when you collaborate with another coach.

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Twitter handle is @bobbyklinck​

Free e-course on his website and you can get his books as a free download from his website.​