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Briana E. Riggins is an author, speaker, and Visionary Coach. She assists women in making a way when it feels like there is NO WAY. She centers her work on helping women rebuild their foundation to move forward, re-establish their faith as the cornerstone of their lives, vision and success while redesigning their futures so they can turn their vision into reality. She is a Woman, Wife, Warrior, and Winner and so is Every Woman!!!

Connecting Personally

Briana likes to read, watch movies, and just take time for herself when she's not working.

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The Beginning

She's been coaching for 3 years. 

Low Point

When she had a coaching client for three years that was working on living her passion, unfortunately the person decided after three years they wanted the security of a full time job and decided to stop trying to make their passion a business.


When she wrote her book she created another aspect of her business and it helped her become more confident.

Big Win

She was able to reconcile with an old friend and help her with coaching.

The Future

She launching a boot camp that will be a group coaching program. She's also creating an affirmation journal. She's creating a 6 week online course called Releasing Your Fears.

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One on one coaching, group coaching, speaking, vendor events, book sales.

New Client Attraction

Networking at business and social events.

Best Advice

Get really focused and get a coach.

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Final Five

Habit or Skill - Keeping a calendar and a schedule and follow through.

Quality - Be approachable.


Internet Resource - G Suite

Connect -

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