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Dr. Chris Friesen is a licensed clinical, forensic, and neuropsychologist who has always been fascinated by what makes people successful. He helps elite athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and writers, achieve their personal and professional potential. He is currently director of Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology, a contributor to Success.com and the author of Achieve: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, and How To Make It Happen.

Connecting Personally

He has a 4 year old daughter.

Enjoys reading and exercise.

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The Beginning

Been coaching 7 years.

A Big Disappointment

As a teen he had low self-advocacy.

Had supervisors without his best interest in mind.

Was doing uninspiring work that paid really well so it kept him stuck.


2 years ago got invited on a podcast and initially turned it down.

Ended up doing it and got really good feedback from the interviewer.

Was a turning point in developing his brand.

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Favorite Achievement

Writing his book.

Unstoppable Coach Tip from Chris- Our minds like to put up all kinds of reasons why we can't do something. We have to push past those.

What's the Future Hold

Writing the second book of his "high achievement" series.

Unstoppable Coach Tip- One of the strongest predictors of success is the working alliance. How well the client gels with the coach. The connection they have. If the coach is putting on a persona clients can sense that and it doesn't feel like a genuine human encounter.

Where's the Revenue

His book, assessments, coaching, traditional therapy.

Finding New Clients


​Writing articles for his own blog and other online publications.

​Guiding potential clients to his business through different resources.

Unstoppable Coach Tip- Being authentic, doing good work, being yourself, engaging in your interests whether that's speaking or writing those are actually going to bring in a lot of clients.

Do this First

The process of visualization and goal achievement.

WOOP- Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, Plan

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Rapid Fire Final Five

Habit- Not getting hooked by your negative thoughts and doing it anyway.

Quality- Practice what you preach. Master what you suggest to clients.


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