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Corey Poirier is a multiple-time TEDx, PMx and MoMonday’s Speaker. He is also the host of the top rated ‘Conversations with PASSION’ Radio Show, founder of The Speaking Program, and he has been featured in multiple television specials. A columnist with Entrepreneur Magazine, he has featured in/on CBS, CTV, NBC, ABC, and is one of the few leaders featured twice on the popular Entrepreneur on Fire show.

Corey has interviewed over 4,000 of the world’s top leaders.

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The Beginning

He was terrified to speak in public. Anyone can learn to speak in public. He went to a comedy workshop and was forced to face his fear by performing a stand-up routine. He found that there were parts of comedy he enjoyed and parts he didn't. He kept up with the comedy but eventually transitioned to other types of performing and public speaking.

If you're chasing a passion because it pays well then it's probably not your true passion. If you feel you have to get paid to do it, then you're doing the wrong thing.

He began to transition from comedy to public speaking when he saw a video of Tony Robbins and realized that people actually got paid for speaking to groups.

How to Pick the Avatar Client

During the 9 years he was doing stand up he was also working a full time job. He started out in corporate in B2B photocopier sales. As he saw the industry change he began to look for other avenues of income. He began to approach some of his sales clients to teach sales training's to their employees. He also began to teach a sales course at a local community college. He took this experience in sales trainings and began to speak on this subject.


When he began speaking he began to ask for recommendations by using a referral form at the end of his talks. He gained credibility by teaching the college course. He transitioned from teaching sales in companies to speaking at his own events on sales then he transitioned to customer service training and finally to training in personal and professional development on the timeless secrets of influential leaders. He made this shift after getting a base knowledge of personal development.

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Why Should Coaches Speak

You gain credibility as an expert. You are in a room of your ideal client and there will be a percentage that want to continue to work with you.

Three tiers: Corporate gigs, Association gigs, and Public gigs. Corporate will pay well but the attendees may or may not want to be there. Associations pay less but the attendees are very interested in learning about the subject matter. Public gigs only pay if you promote them well but the attendees are the most interested in the subject.

Doing a TedX Talk

There's a prestige and credibility that exists in the TedX world that doesn't in many other places. There's more credibility being seen on a TedX talk than on ABC or NBC or "insert big name here".

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Final Five

Habit or Skill - Saying no to most things so you can say yes to the important things.

Quality - Knowing the "one thing" that is going to move you forward in your business and focusing on that.

Book- How to Win Friends and Influence People The Compound Effect

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