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David Roylance is the UK’s No 1 female focus voice and body language specialist. Typically his clients will be women in senior roles in large corporations who often come to him with a similar story. “I’m confident and I am strong” they say “So how come when I open my mouth in those big meetings, 10 seconds later I am wondering if anyone can see me or hear me.” What they get from working with David are the secrets of how you take charge of how your voice and body resonate so you can show up and shine. Where he has an excellent track record is helping women get themselves promoted and achieve significant pay rises.

Connecting Personally

David was born in Scotland and now lives in the UK. He did a three year training in 1990 to be an actor. His acting led him to do commercials and to speak from the stage for corporations. He has two kids and he enjoys spending time with his family when he's not working.

David Roylance interview voice coach podcast

The Beginning

During his role as a sales speaker for corporations he got his first coaching position as a trainer for one of corporations. He received training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Low Point

 He was working for a company that had him on the road all week going to make these sales presentations. He had no time for his family and was tired all weekend and then left again and traveled all week. In 2011, in the second economic downturn the business dried up and because he was basically an employee he had no job, no contacts, and no prospects for business. 

When we most need to invest in ourselves is when we have the least money but it's never about resources it's about how resourceful you are...to make change happen.


During that time he was getting financial help from his family and during that time his sister got him to come along to a Tony Robbins event. At that event he was introduced to an expert marketing trainer that he ended up working with. He feels working with mentors changed his career.

Coaches and people who live in that heart-centered business world tend to be very happy to invest in themselves when they are investing in their own skill...the one thing that they don't invest in is how to market...or how to sell.

If you learn how to speak effectively then you'll attract the right people and you'll create a great deal of both cash and love in your life. Because the amount of money that comes to you will directly reflect the level of difference you make in your client's life. 

David Roylance interview body language coach podcast


One-on-one clients mostly and one group program.

New Client Attraction


Best Advice

Get a mentor.

David Roylance interview voice and body language coach podcast

Final Five

Habit or Skill - Do a morning routine.

Quality - Being present.


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