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Dustin transforms business and brands. He is the co-founder of Speaking Empire teaching people how to get their message out, how to monetize their message and how to build a world class Speaking Empire.

His book, No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Sell Anything with Webinars, Online Media, Speeches, and Seminars was released in June of 2017.

Connecting Personally

Dustin is a husband and father of two. His favorite pass time is tennis.

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The Beginning

Dustin was initially afraid of public speaking. Coaching has been a part of his business ever since he started speaking. His first event was a 3-day free seminar with an offer of a one year coaching package. There were 90 people in attendance and only one person purchased.

Low Point

The next seminar they put on only had 10 people in attendance so they were disappointed in the turnout but they had more packages to sell so overall they had a better financial outcome.


They were doing a lot of marketing and started getting other people's attention. They were invited to present at a big real estate convention and this helped them finally gain momentum.

Big Win

They were asked to be a part of the famous Get Motivated event series.

The Future

They want to create a curriculum for their coaching program.

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Workshops and 1 to 1 coaching.

Get started speaking: If you can't get a speaking slot at a conference or event you can offer to pay-to-play. Offer to sponsor lunch for the attendees in exchange for a speaking slot. Or make a donation in exchange for a break-out session. Start on podcasts, to build confidence and hone your message. Join toastmasters. Look for collaboration opportunities with other coaches that are putting on summits.

Do Your Research- Survey your own clients to get ideas for speaking topics. In your local area look at the websites of pl;aces to speak like the Rotary Club, see what kind of speakers they have. 

Create an Irresistible Offer- Any presentation you give should have an offer. Even if you can't sell you can tell the audience what the next step in continuing a relationship with you is. Make multiple offers (we go in depth on the podcast). Have a way for them to opt-in to your list in exchange for a freebie. 

Use Your Book as a Bribe: If you have a book give it away to attendees. Or give away autographed copies to the people that sign up for a discovery session. For new coaches leverage scarcity, offer 5 free books to the first five that do a discovery session. 

New Client Attraction

Webinars. Use them as lead qualifiers.

Best Advice

Make offers. Most new coaches are not offering their services enough.

Free sessions? Dustin says yes with a justification for why it's free so that it still has value.

How to get more clients: Ask for referrals. Start speaking to leverage one to many. Leverage influencers, figure out who they are and then find a way to add value. Focus on collaborations. With other coaches, with your competition, with influencers, with your clients.

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Final Five

Habit or Skill - Being a student.

Quality - Taking action.


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Connect - NoBSPresentations.com SpeakingEmpire.com or connect on Facebook @DustinMathews