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Lee Caraher is the CEO of Double Forte PR and Digital Marketing. She is known for her practical solutions to big problems. Lee's the author of Millennials and Management based on her experience with failing and then succeeding at retaining millennials. Her current book, The Boomerang Principle was published in April and is currently available on Amazon. 

Connecting Personally

Wife and mother to 2.

She's on 3 non-profit board of directors.

She's active in three women's groups.

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The Beginning

15 years ago she started Double Forte which is a PR firm.

Evolved into leadership coaching, speaking, workshops.

Had a business coach at a company she worked for which was transformational for her.

Worked for Sega and was the highest ranking woman in the company in San Francisco.

After 911 she took a year off to figure out what she really wanted with her life.

A Big Disappointment

Her partner decided two years in that he didn't want to be in the business any longer.


Identified who their ideal client would be of all the people they had collectively worked with previously. They worked exclusively from this list. After two years they had worked through this list and were getting referrals.

Also, they began hiring millennials and ended up having 100% attrition after 6 months. After figuring out the problem and solving it she wrote her first book and began teaching/coaching on it.

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Favorite Achievement

That their alumni consider their time at her company to be seminal in their careers.

What's the Future Hold

Building up the coaching side of her business more. Investing more time and energy into her personal brand outside of the Double Forte business.

Where's the Revenue

Her PR firm.


Book sales.

To be an authority you need experience, training, and testimonial.

We don't have to chase everybody to have a great business. But when you niche down and figure out your ideal client marketing will be so much easier.

Finding New Clients

Ask for referrals. Most of our perfect clients know other perfect clients, even if we don't.

Do this First

Don't fail prey to impostor syndrome.

Not everyone will benefit from you because not everyone is perfect for you, but the people you are perfect for will benefit from you. Be confident in that.

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Rapid Fire Final Five

Habit- Being self-deprecating

Quality- Thick skinned


Online Resource- Harvard Business Review

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