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Lisa Fitzpatrick is the go-to coach for high-achieving, spiritual, entrepreneurial women who would like to gain greater visibility and share their message with a wider audience. She is a specialist in sustainable business practices and loves supporting women to grow their online and offline presence. As a best-selling author and founder of Sacred Women’s Business, Lisa believes that when women tap into their feminine wisdom, the feminine shift restores balance and equality and helps to heal our troubled world.

Connecting Personally

Lisa lives in norther New South Wales in Australia where the beaches meet the rainforest. She likes to spend time outdoors and with her teenagers.

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The Beginning

Lisa has been coaching for 5 years. Before that she was a physiotherapist and a yoga teacher. She started out working primarily with people in the yoga space and then diversified to work with  service-based entrepreneurial women.

She works a lot with sustainable business practices. She focuses on things like working in your genius zones, self-care, collaboration, support, and being able to delegate.

Low Point

She experienced anxiety around saying no to people even if they weren't her ideal client. She also had trouble finding ways to leverage her time once her one on one calendar was fully booked.


Once she got to a full roster she had to raise her prices. Then she began to see momentum.

If you don't raise your prices you need to take your message one-to-many if you are going to leverage your time to grow your business.

The Future

She wants to expand her business to help people find speaking gigs and offer services around helping people find more one on one clients.

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Her books. Speaking engagements. Coaching programs.

  • Tips for public speaking- she uses it as more of a marketing play than a large revenue source, she does sell her books at events, she usually doesn't focus on getting paid at the gig but focuses on finding potential clients through the speaking.

New Client Attraction

Referrals from past clients. Focus on getting testimonials, social proof, gain confidence in your skills, and enter into collaborations. These will all help your business attract new clients.

Best Advice

Create a mission statement and a business plan. Get clear on how you will bring income into the business.

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Final Five

Habit or Skill - Don't compare yourself to others, embrace your unique strengths.

Quality - Persistence, Tenacity, Endurance = Staying Power


Internet Resource - Create a Values List for your business.

Connect - Connect on social at Instagram or Facebook.