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Michelle is a multi-award winning international business strategist, coach, speaker and writer. 

Her diverse career includes the world of private banks, being an ambulance officer and small business owner. 

Today her business, Dragon Sisters, focusses on helping businesses and individuals create and maximise opportunities though actionable, momentum building support. 

Michelle is the founder of Dragons Abreast Australia, the breast cancer dragon boat survivor charity. 

She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2008 Queens Birthday Honours List. 

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Connecting Personally

Michelle is an internationalist, she was born in Malaysia, studied in the Middle and Far East, went to college in the UK and eventually settled in Australia. He father was a UN diplomat.


The Beginning

20 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This shifted her perspective about her life and work. About 10 years ago she started coaching, training, and mentoring more formally. Her clients are corporations, non-profits, and small to mid-sized solopreneurs.

A Big Disappointment

She took a 1 year sabbatical to live and teach in Spain and when she returned she had to completely rebuild her coaching business.

She reached out to her personal network and asked if anyone needed any help or could refer anyone to her. She received a lot of positive feedback, referrals, and coaching clients from this ask.

She reached out to a coach in her area that was very visible but making a lot of little mistakes. She offered this coach a great deal to hire her and she helped them fix all the little mistakes they were making. This is blossomed into a referral relationship. 

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Favorite Achievement

She helped a client that was on the verge of closing down keep their 20-year-old business open.

Another of her clients was a finalist for a prestigious award in Australia.

What's the Future Hold

She wants to take more of her business online. And create more automation in her business.

Where's the Revenue

One on one coaching, training for small groups, strategic content creation, online course in social media, workshops.

If you want to get started in workshops choose a topic you are comfortable with. Keep your workshops basic, don't overwhelm people. Make one offer at the end. Follow up with everyone 2-3 days later via phone or email just to check in. Keep them on your list so they don't forget about you.

You really have to feel quite passionate about the people that you're working with. Because if you just do it for the money...you cannot sustain it for very long. All you've done is trade one master for another.

Finding New Clients

Asking for referrals.

Through past client testimonials. Use testimonials everywhere. Your website, newsletter, social media, and constantly update them.

Do this First

Remember it's not about you it's about them and their pain points. Also, develop strong listening skills.

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Being disciplined.


A positive outlook.


Contact Info


FB/dragonsisters or FB/MichelleHanton