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Phil Singleton is a web designer, an SEO expert and an award winning author. Since 2005 Phil has owned and operated a digital agency based in Kansas City. In 2016 Phil and John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing co-wrote SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs. SEO for Growth is an Amazon bestseller and has been listed as a top marketing book by Mashable, Oracle and the Huffington Post. It's also been featured on MSNBC, Entrepreneur and Search Engine Journal as well as many other industry websites.

Connecting Personally

Phil lives in the Midwest with his wife and twin sons. When he's not working he enjoys hanging out with his boys, learning Taekwondo as a family and fishing.

Phil Singleton SEO interview

The Beginning

Phil started out in finance and left his corporate cubicle job to move to China and learn Mandarin. He shifted to technology and eventually started his own digital marketing agency working with local businesses in the Kansas City area.

Should Coaches Hire Out or Build Their Own Website

Phil thinks it's best to jump in and do-it-yourself. You learn a lot and you'll know what's needed when you decide to hire out in the future. He does recommend WordPress over a site-builder platform such as SquareSpace though.

His one caveat is that if you are in a very competitive niche websites that are custom built tend to do better in the search engines that websites built on traditional themes. He feels there is a slight competitive advantage to having a custom-built site in this case but you should remember it's not a magic bullet.

Should a Coaches Best Content Go on the Website or on Social Media?

Phil suggests the website house all your best content. It needs to go there and then be shared out to social media. Always be bringing people back to you website so you have an opportunity to convert them onto your list.

Keeping your content updated is key to organic traffic growth. Having fresh content is a trust factor. Your website should have fresh content, testimonials, social media participation, and trust badges to convey authority and allow people to quickly know, like and trust you and see you as a solution to their problems.

How is the Best Way to Develop Website Content

Being purposeful and strategic in the creation of it. Having your content lead people on a journey into your sales funnel is the only way to go these days.

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What's the Biggest Mistake People Make with their Websites?

Not completing the circle. You can't be a great outbound marketer (ads, radio, television, local events, referral marketing) and not have great inbound marketing (website, testimonials, social proof, valuable content). People think they are getting all their referrals but they don't know how many never contacted them because all they had for people to see online was a crappy website with no reviews or testimonials.

Phil Singleton interview unstoppable coach podcast

Final Five

Habit or Skill - Getting started on work early.

Quality - Grit


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