Sharon Bolt unstoppable coach interview get free publicity today



Today we're joined by Sharon Bolt. Sharon is a publicity expert and the founder of Get Free Publicity Today. She's been a business owner and entrepreneur for over sixteen years now. During the last ten years she's contributed to more than forty different local and national newspapers, magazines, television, and radio shows. She's received over two million dollars in free publicity and free advertising. She's also the co-author of two books: Successful Women in Business and Every Entrepreneur's Guide: Running Your Own Business.

Connecting Personally

She's been married 21 years, loves travel, has lived in Australia and Germany, loves dogs and building her business.

Sharon Bolt unstoppable coach interview get free publicity today

The Beginning

She started out as a healer, she had a complimentary therapy practice. She got into dog training when she got two puppies, males from the same litter and couldn't find a trainer that would help her. She began to learn all she could about dog training. As she got interested she heard a call out on a local radio station for a dog training expert and she reached out. She eventually got the radio station to bring her on as an expert and that started her passion with publicity.

What Went Wrong

Once she did the radio show she found out that the audience was over 4 million listeners. Unfortunately, she didn't have a business. She didn't have anything like a website or a landing page set up to capture information from people who now saw her as an expert.

Shifting from Dog Training to Publicity Expert

Her passion at first was the dog training. She completely built out that business and was happy with it but began to get more and more publicity and more and more people wanting to learn about how they can get publicity too. She put all her dog training on video and now it's a completely passive business. Now she's spent the last four years helping other people get publicity.

How to Get Started getting Publicity

Start building credibility and experience. Start local. Start thinking about your story. Journalists are always looking for a good story. One angle is to go for what is current. Also, make sure they know it's about a potential story idea. Being relevant is more important than being previously published.

Sharon Bolt unstoppable coach interview get free publicity today

Don't be Too Promotional

Journalists/Interviewers don't care about your business, they care about their audience. Think about the audience and be the expert. You will gain credibility and people will look you up if they are interested.


Take a big news story and find a way to make it relevant to your niche. Find a way to piggy-back off that news story.

The Future

She's putting out three courses. One on getting in print interviews, one on radio and podcasts, and one on getting on TV. 

Best Advice

Be sure your website is set up before you start to get publicity. And have some sort of an opt-in so you can capture emails and continue the relationship.

Sharon Bolt unstoppable coach interview get free publicity today

Final Five

Habit or Skill - Meditation

Quality - Self belief and positive mindset.


Internet Resource -

Gift for the Unstoppable Coach Community - On her website grab a free report on writing captivating press releases.