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Stan Way is the founder of He is a highly sought after sales coach and keynote speaker. After years of working as a corporate sales trainer with multiple FORTUNE 100 and FORTUNE 500 companies Stan founded Peak Sales Results with the goal of empowering sales people to sell with a servant's heart. Stan's personal coaching and training has created over a dozen millionaires in the past two years and in the past 18 months alone he has built four companies to multiple six-figures per month in sales using his scientifically based sales processes.

Despite his business accomplishments he is most proud of being a father, and is glad to call Birmingham, Alabama home with his family.

Connecting Personally

Stan is married with two kids and lives in Birmingham, AL. When he's not working he spends time with his family.

stan way interview unstoppable coach podcast

The Beginning

Stan got his start in sales and loved it. He quickly became a sales trainer for the company he worked for. After he worked for years in sales he started coaching almost 4 years ago. He works with a lot of entrepreneurs helping them to create virtual sales teams.

Low Point

After his son was born he lost his sales position. He ended up moving his family into his mother-in-laws home. Because he loved sales so much he started his own business helping people learn how to get comfortable in sales.

He had impostor syndrome come up. Stan says that there are lot's of studies out there that show that impostor syndrome is completely natural if you are in integrity.


Stan got momentum when he actually started doing the work. Once he stopped getting in his own way. He put his five year plan on paper and began working toward those goals.

If your coaching is not changing the course of people's lives you need to change what you are doing.

I think anyone could hop on YouTube and find enough free content to watch for the rest of their life about how to build a six-figure business from home. have to invest in yourself, you have to have some money in the game, and have someone who's done what you want to do.


Stan is creating an online program that will bring his one-on-one results to an online self-study program.

stan way interview unstoppable coach podcast

New Client Attraction

Reaching out to potential clients via email or Facebook.

Best Advice

Stan would have set up automation much sooner than he did.

His advice for new coaches is to step back and make sure you are bringing value and serving your clients.

stan way interview unstoppable coach podcast

Final Five

Habit or Skill - Find a coach and never give up.

Quality - Relationship building.


Internet Resource - Facebook messenger video and audio calls

Connect -

Or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as IAmStanWay