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Steve helps entrepreneurs grow their business by helping them become a bestselling author through his company Book Mastery Academy.

Steve teaches what he has accomplished in his own coaching business. On the back of his international bestselling book, 47 Mind Hacks for Writers, he launched his own coaching program and immediately had a full coaching business.

After helping his clients write and launch their book he continues helping them with building up their backend profits with things like: certification programs, courses, digital products and memberships.

Connecting Personally

Steve and his wife love to travel. They live in Florida and enjoy beach walks. Steve was born in the UK and has lived on three continents.

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The Beginning

He was in tech in a corporate job but felt unfulfilled. He had a spiritual experience that led him to coaching. He started coaching in 2005 and eventually stopped coaching when he couldn't build his business.

Once he narrowed his focus he found success in coaching.​

A Big Disappointment

He wrote a book that was a complete failure. Then another that was more successful but the audience just didn't excite him. Finally his third book was an international best-seller.


Getting the third book written and published was his tipping point.

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Favorite Achievement

The income that came as a result of the book. He brought people into his business by using the book as the entry point to his funnel.

What's the Future Hold

Offering writing retreats in exotic locations.

Where's the Revenue

Group program that incorporates some one-on-one coaching.

Book royalties.​

Finding New Clients

Books. Look at your book as the ultimate lead magnet.

Do this First

You have to be clear about who you are helping. Come up with a positioning statement.

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Rapid Fire Final Five

Habit- Relating Tech to Marketing and Business

Quality- Listening between the lines.


Online Resource- ActiveCampaign

Connect- Book Mastery Academy

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