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Tara Meyer-Robson is the founder of The Empath Institute, the leading online training program giving Empaths the help, coaching, and resources they need to go from exhausted to empowered. She’s also the author of the award-winning book The Flow Method: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, a program that transforms the mind, body, life, and spirit with one personalized process.

Tara is an internationally-respected mind-body coach and speaker who uses her own empath nature as a gift throughout her work, helping others to heal. She’s in the process of creating a Flow Method coaching certification for coaches, therapists, and social workers.

Connecting Personally

Tara is a Mind-Body Coach for Empaths. She's been married for 18 years and recently adopted her daughter.

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The Beginning

She's always been the person tapped for advice. She started coaching in high school as a cheerleading coach. Sixteen years ago she started focusing more on the mind-body connection. She began coaching 11 years ago, starting out helping friends and family with health issues. Transitioned to helping empaths (highly sensitive people).

Low Point

She was doing really well hosting retreats at a regional resort. A luxury competitor lured her away. After she signed a contract obligating her to several retreats she realized they weren't going to hold up their end of the bargain but expected her to fulfill her end. She was on the hook for rooms and meals and ended up paying for this out of her own pocket.

She gained a lot of knowledge from this experience. One big lesson was to get everything promised to you in writing in the contract before you sign.


After this experience she shifted her business to an online model. Where there wasn't as much financial risk and her client base was world-wide.

The Future

She is creating a certification course for coaches, therapists, and social workers based around her book and work entitled The Flow Method.

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Online training. One on one clients. Book royalties. Speaking engagements.

New Client Attraction

She likes to buy keyword rich domains relevant to her niche.

Best Advice

Build your social following from day one. Don't think you have nothing to say yet, you do. Do things that will build your credibility. Get on podcasts, write guest posts, build your social following.

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Final Five

Habit or Skill - Gratitude. She keeps a gratitude jar.

Quality - Perserverance


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Connect - TaraMeyerRobson.com You can also connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, find all these links on her website.

Gift for the Unstoppable Coach Community - Get her book The Flow Method as a free download at: TaraMeyerRobson.com/unstoppable