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Unstoppable Coach by Millette Jones When Coaching is Your Side Hustle with Tracey Minutolo - 073
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There’s never been a better time in history to start a business.  And there’s never been a better time than now to diversify income sources.  The side hustle is the perfect vehicle to “test the waters” before taking the plunge fully into entrepreneurship.

Tracey Minutolo has been a side hustler since before there was a name for it.  She is a full-time lab supervisor who started a virtual assistant business almost two years ago, serving podcasters with purpose.  Working with one client in particular opened her eyes to the possibility of coaching and now she works directly with motivated (mostly) 9 to 5’ers to design and launch profitable service-based side businesses at the intersection of their passions and their existing skills.

Connecting Personally

Tracey is a microbiologist by trade. She's from the east coast but lives in San Diego, she's into hiking, trying new restaurants, and craft beer.

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The Beginning

Tracey has always had part-time jobs or looked for ways to make a little extra money on the side. She decided she wanted more control over these side gigs so she started her own VA business. She had an opportunity to be an assistant coach for one of these clients and she loved coaching.

After 6 months she struck out on her own, releasing all her side gigs in favor of coaching. Now she helps people start their own side hustle.

Low Point

her low point was when she had her full-time lab position, her VA business, was assistant coaching, and had started her own coaching business. She was overwhelmed and knew she had to let some if it go but didn't want to burn any bridges.


Once she released all her extra gigs and solely focused on her one coaching side hustle things began to take off. She built a Facebook group and began to get clients from within that group.

The Future

She's developing a FB Live strategy. She's also working on a course and a group program.

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Being a side hustle she only has time to devote to one-on-one clients att he moment.

New Client Attraction

Utilizing attraction marketing. She made her FB profile public and has started engaging much more through that platform.

She's also looking into creating a side hustle MeetUp group.

Best Advice

Connect with more people, whether online or offline. Build real relationships.

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Final Five

Habit or Skill - Being consistent.

Quality - Listening


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